As one vehicle that is widely used by everyone, the bike is very important to have. Because many people who use a bicycle as a sports tool as well. One type of bike that is currently widely used is an electric bike. So, now many Electric Bike Company are growing and always offering their best products.

In addition to the types of bikes that have been mentioned, there are several other types of bicycles are also worthy to have for you bicycle enthusiasts. Some types of bikes are

1. Mountain bikes Mountain bikes are specially designed for riding on rough streets, rocks and off-road kayaks. This bike has a flat handlebar let be replaced in accordance with the track you will pass. Most mountain bikes have suspension, the suspension can be either front or rear. If the suspension is in front is called hardtails, if behind is called full-suspension. But there are also no suspensions, usually called rigid.

2. Hybrid Bike Originally this bike was created for mountain bikes and racing bikes, because of the appropriate size and also the seat is soft. However, this bike turned into a bike relaxed because the seat is so padded that make people feel at home for a long pedaling bicycle.

3. Cruiser bike This bike has almost the same kayak as a hybrid bike that was created for the comfort of cycling. But the difference, the brake system on this bike using an ancient brake coaster, if you want to stop the bike with the brakes, the bike should be pedaled back first. This bike can be used around the city, both in short distances and long.

4. City bike This bike is also still not much different from the same bike Hybrid. City bike or commonly called a bike city, urban bike, this computer bike you can paddle in urban areas. Usually, this bike is very suitable for women because this bike is equipped with a basket in front of him, protective chains and protective skirt behind him.